Causes of mood in women

Causes of mood in women

What is the difference between mood and personality traits?

The mood in psychology is one of the emotional states, and it is not like an emotion or a feeling but rather is less specific, and it is less severe and the possibility of provoking a mood in a person is less than the provocation of emotions or feelings because provoking it requires a specific stimulus or event, and it may differ in its kind. Mood swings were negative in their effect, or perhaps they were positive.

There is a difference between mood and personality traits of a person such as optimism or nervousness, which in turn stimulate certain types of moods, and women may be more susceptible to these mood swings than men due to the different nature of women. Psychological and physical, the menstrual cycle in women and the hormonal fluctuation that affects the woman’s body at this stage is almost the main reason for the mood of women.

  • Causes of mood among women In talking about moods in women, mood swings are considered health issues that pose a risk to health.
  • People sometimes, especially when exposed to a lot, and mood fluctuations are one of the psychological problems that can afflict every one of all ages, especially women. Women of the following:

Tension and anxiety Exposing to stress and anxiety continuously due to the pressures of life can sometimes lead to mood swings, especially for women of a sensitive nature, which affects their reactions in life due to the violent and strong fluctuations that afflict them, leading to physical and psychological harm.

In women Lack of sleep

The problem of lack of sleep, despite its smallness for some women, carries many health and psychological problems for others, and the most important of these problems are mood swings. The few and insufficient hours of sleep can result in a bad mood. Excessive nervousness and many health symptoms, including headache and body aches.


Depression is the most common disease at this age, and it is the main cause of mood swings.

The hormonal disorder is the direct cause of mood swings, especially for a hormonal disorder.
Peer women in times before the menstrual cycle, during the first months of pregnancy, and in the menopause stage, i.e. menopause, and girls in adolescence suffer from severe hormonal disturbances during growth, which leads to an increase in their mood swings.

Women do not understand men How should a man deal with the temperament of women?

In talking about moods that may affect a woman and a man who cannot understand them, one of these situations is the severe mood swings that a woman experiences after childbirth or during the days of her menstrual cycle.

Perhaps the man will not understand these matters and cannot reach their causes, which may be Because of the lack of harmony between the married woman and her husband, or she may be dissatisfied with their marital relationship.

It may also be the reason behind her temperament that she does not receive support from her husband and her family during her pregnancy, and it is difficult for a man to understand all these cases that afflict women. But he must contain her and be patient with her and treat her with kindness and caution.

Information about personality moods

Personal temperament in psychology

People around the world differ from each other in their patterns, ideas, and beliefs, as each personality has many characteristics that distinguish it from other personalities, and each type of personality has many ways of dealing that differ from each other, and there are thirteen types Of the types of personalities or more, and each type has traits that can be distinguished from each other, there are:

The schizoid personality, the suspicious personality, the hysterical personality, the narcissistic personality, and the temperamental personality are among the characters that are difficult to deal with at times, and therefore is the subject of this article, and from The most important features of this personality are the extreme extremism in concepts according to the extreme idealism, so the temperamental personality will be recognized, and how to treat the moods of people.

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