How to deal with a nervous, stubborn husband?

How to deal with a nervous, stubborn husband?

The nervous husband

The nervous husband is the one who cannot control his nerves or control his emotions, so he quickly utters words and phrases without thinking in advance, but at the same time, the wife must realize that he does not intend these phrases or words no matter how harsh or offensive her feelings seem.

Therefore, it is always preferable for the wife to know her husband’s psychology and how to deal with him. In this article, the qualities of a nervous and stubborn husband will be identified, how to deal with a nervous and stubborn husband, and an explanatory video on how to deal with the husband.

The qualities of the nervous and stubborn husband.

Is ignorance a guide? On stubbornness?

Before knowing how to deal with a nervous and stubborn husband, it is necessary to identify the characteristics of this type of husbands, as the husbands differ in terms of the nature of each one of them, and this naturalness is either due to innate causes, or it is acquired from the surrounding environment, as for the nervous and stubborn husband it is the most.

Difficulty in dealing, and among the characteristics that indicate that the husband is stubborn are: He refuses in all cases to be said about him stubborn; that’s because he really knows he has this quality, but he doesn’t like to admit it.

He refuses in all cases and under any circumstances to blame him, as he always sees himself as right, and the other party is at fault. He clings to his opinions, no matter how much they are wrong, and although in many cases he may inevitably know that his opinions are incorrect.

It is characterized by mistrust and lack of benevolence in thinking any words or deeds given by others, even without intending it.

He always ignores any words directed to him by his wife, no matter how important these conversations are. How to deal with a nervous, stubborn husband?

What methods should the wife use with his life partner? How to deal with a nervous, stubborn husband is an art that a clever wife must master, especially since this type of husbands, despite having these qualities, is the most affectionate among them, and in the following is how to deal with a nervous and stubborn husband :

  • Because the man Stubborn and nervous, he always makes decisions and judgments emotionally and without thinking, the wife must be careful to maintain her calm and balance, and not to resort to harsh words that may provoke his anger.
  • No matter how stubborn a man speaks in a wrong way, the wife must be careful to hear her husband’s words until he finishes it and then address him later with what he said to her, whether it is right or wrong.
  • On days when the husband is mild-tempered, he prefers his partner to sit with him and ask him to change his style and character little by little, and to use alternatives to the situation that substitute for nervousness and stubbornness.
  • It is not permissible for the wife to explain to her husband that he is disliked by her because of these behaviors, but rather she must show him all the love and care through which it is possible, with the days, to gradually adjust his style.
  • A video on how to deal with the husband in the video below, which explains Dr. Bilal Ibdah on how to deal with the husband, and what are the best ways that a wife should use with her life partner, regardless of his characteristics

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