How to deal with a stubborn wife

What is the social concept of marriage?

Marriage is a social and cultural norm based on commitment and union, and it is the relationship that brings together the husband from the men with the wife from the women to build an integrated family, and this relationship is based on a religious, legal, and cultural basis on the different customs and religions, and is based on a written or oral contract according to religious authority or Many civilizations of different times and ages view marriage as requiring a commitment to a sexual relationship with a partner for the purpose of childbearing and raising children, which is either caused by emotion, material, or custom, and the article sheds light on One of the marital problems refers to how to deal with a stubborn wife

What is the importance of the husband having a culture of compromise?

The nervous and stubborn wife may push the marital relationship at times to the abyss. Marital life does not settle if one of the spouses is stubborn, especially the woman who considers her nervousness as a ticking time bomb that if it explodes everything will collapse, so in order to avoid reaching the explosion, some advice will be mentioned to the husband.

Love and attention:

Love is one of the most important needs that a wife requires in her marital relationship.
If love is absent, harmony is absent, and exercising it with its warm feelings again may lead to the return of things to normal.

Containment and kindness:

This is because the wife considers her husband the primary source of safety for her, and if he does not contain her and if he is not a refuge for her small heart, she will become a victim of stubbornness and fabricating problems.

Making concessions:

Sometimes love and containment is not enough, and the husband’s stubbornness is not in exchange for the wife’s stubbornness, because that will fuel the problem and will not erase its effect.
Therefore, the husband has to make some concessions and sacrifices in order to continue the relationship.

Stubbornness in the marital relationship is not limited to the wife, as the wife may face some difficulties and problems with her stubborn husband, and as advice was given to the husband on how to deal with a stubborn wife as previously mentioned, some advice will be given to the wife on how to deal with her stubborn husband as follows:

  • Accepting the husband’s bad deeds and good deeds, and imparting the character of love to the entire interaction that takes place between the spouses.
  • Hold the tongue, calm, control his reflexes, and not interrupt him while he is speaking.
  • Respect and glorify him in front of others and overlook his faults and faults.
  • Respecting his decisions by acceptance, even if it is necessary to object, to be with a sweet, kind, and good tongue.
  • Containment when he is angry, so the wife does not try to make her husband mad when he is angry, but rather she leaves him until he calms down and contains him with her warm heart.
  • A video on advice for dealing with a wife For more information, we recommend that you follow the following video in which Dr. Bilal Ibdah provides 10 important tips for a husband in dealing with his wife:

Signs of a nervous woman

Nervousness is one of the temperaments that is found in many people, whether they are men or women, and a nervous woman is a woman who is quick to anger, who revolts at the simplest things and becomes tense at any problem that occurs with her, and nervousness, in general, is a characteristic that most people hate because it causes anxiety and tension, and causes Problems especially if the woman is nervous, because the woman by nature tends to calm down.

But if she is nervous, this will negatively affect her personal and social life and her relationship with her husband, children, and family, and it may cause her a lot of problems and hasten to anger, and say words that should not be said in moments of anger, And the matter gets worse if a woman who has a lot of nervousness is associated with a nervous person like her, and this causes problems to arise quickly, and in this article, the signs of a nervous woman will be mentioned.

More signs of a nervous woman.

A woman with a lot of nervousness shows her behavior is clear, so the signs of a more nervous woman can be easily distinguished. Because these signs appear in a woman’s reactions to situations and events, as well as in the way she speaks, acts, and talks with people and her nervousness may be an inherent characteristic of her, and it may be nat He cited psychological and stubborn reasons, such as the approaching menstrual cycle, and the most important signs that distinguish a nervous woman from others, as follows:

  • Raise the voice of others, whether the husband, children, or family members and those around her.
  • Heavy mood swings, irritability and excitement for the slightest reason.
  • Rapid anger, excessive tension, and anxiety.
  • Feeling permanent, sometimes even without apparent reasons.
  • Quick boredom of things.
  • People dislike her for not being able to communicate with her or have a dialogue, and sometimes hate them to sit with her or approach her.
  • Feeling of confusion and fear most of the time. Lack of focus or lack of focus at times.
  • How to deal with a nervous woman Dealing with a nervous woman must be careful and has a lot of politeness for her nervousness and her manner of dealing to help her overcome her anger with the least losses, and support her to reduce her nervousness and the way she deals with different events, people and situations, and dealing with her as follows:
  • Praise She should try to absorb her anger and reduce her tension and nervousness as much as possible.
  • Give her lots of love and affection, especially if she is nervous because of a lack of passion and lack of interest.
  • Respecting her point of view, negotiating calmly with her, and not sticking to opinions or trying to change her opinions by force.
  • Offering a helping hand to her in the housework so that she does not feel the great pressures that she has to do, which increases her nervousness and distress.
  • Continuous discussion and dialogue with her, especially in her calm moments, and understanding calmly and kindly that her nervousness causes inconvenience, and asking her to be as calm as possible, and trying to create an atmosphere of love and understanding with her.
  • Avoid discussing her while she is going through a tantrum or while she is very stressed and anxious, and leave her for a while until she calms down and becomes more understanding.

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