Qualities that women like in a man

What are the 10 characteristics that women like most in a man?

Many believe that men and women alike are attracted to the opposite type of human-based on physical characteristics, due to the images often presented by the media. For example, women appear attracted to a tall, muscular man with a wide jaw, but this is just a distortion of reality. Attraction depends more on Personality traits such as kindness, intelligence, and humor, especially for those looking for a long-term attachment and not just a casual relationship.

Psychological counselor

Susan Digis White says: Any good relationship is based on some basic, realistic qualities. While superficial qualities such as good looks are important, There are a number of more important characteristics that women should look for in a man they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

A 2007 study published by Blackwell Publishing found that men and women who exhibit positive traits, such as honesty and cooperation, are seen as being seen. However, they do look better, and those who display negative traits, such as injustice and rudeness, seem to be less physically attractive to others, so what attracts women to men? Honesty and honesty When a man is honest, real, trustworthy, has integrity and honesty, has a strong moral character, and treats others fairly and kindly, he becomes more attractive and desirable to women, as the moral principles that a man possesses will guide his behavior and help him be the best partner any woman can dream of.

Transparency and loyalty

There is no woman who wants to be deceived or discarded when the game ends for any reason. Women consider attachment a biological necessity that nurtures their maternal instincts.

They need to feel reassured that the relationship will be serious and will continue with love, transparency, and loyalty, so the female Inevitably, is attracted to a sincere, serious man.

Confidence and passion

When a man believes in himself and trusts her, knows who he is, knows what he wants, and is ambitious, passionate, and loving of life, this is very attractive to women, because women, in general, respond to the positive and optimistic energy that the man radiates.

Confident in the world, as long as this confidence does not expand into selfishness and arrogance, and when a man does not feel the need to compete with others or belittle them to raise himself, he will go a long way in attracting the attention of Women.

Taking responsibility

The female is attracted to the man who bears the responsibility for his actions, behaviors, and duties.
Long-term healthy relationships require a high level of maturity, without which disagreements and conflicts aggravate and may lead to communication failure and emotional damage that cannot be easily repaired.

Respect: “When a person feels disrespected or cared for, the relationship is more likely to end sooner rather than later,” says Digis White.

Women are more attracted to the man who shows her the care and gives her the respect she deserves.

Giving and benevolence women tend to favor men who are kind and do good deeds, be kind to them and others, and be courageous, generous, benevolent. Because this indicates that he is a good man and can be relied upon and that he has taken him as a support in life.

Humor Geoffrey Hall, a doctor and assistant professor of communication say: “When two people laugh about the same thing, it is as if they say, I share your point of view.

Your eyesight and your values ​​and I certainly share with you what you think is interesting.

Romance and tenderness

When it comes to attracting women, the man who is characterized by compassion, tenderness, and sympathy has a step forward, as the female wants a man who can sit with him.

After a bad day, or to tell him about her hopes and fears, so that he overwhelms her with his love and tenderness, instead of being a source of fear for her, and being an emotional romantic who is not afraid to express his feelings, and surrounds her with love, attention, and care.

Generosity Generous men give without waiting for anything in return or response.

For the beautiful, whether the tender is financial, material, or emotional, and generous people are grateful for what they have and are happy with the people around them, and of course, the female will be part of this ocean, so he will feel grateful for her presence and cover her with his generosity and generosity in all areas and he will always appreciate her for what she is and what she has already done For his sake, and this is what makes generosity one of the characteristics that women love in a man.

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