Friend quiz


When you visit your friend’s home, can you just walk up to the fridge and roam in search of something good?


Can you tell their birthday in just 5 seconds?

Do you have inside jokes that nobody else will understand but only between you?

What association describes your friendship the best?

Have you ever had a trip, just the two of you?

Do you hang out every day?

If your best friend writes in a post about someone else being their best friend, what is your reaction?

If you have to give up your friend group for your bestie, would you?

When you watch movies together, do you decide the title fast?

Do you know their favorite ice cream taste?

Were you ever afraid your friend doesn’t really want to meet with you and comes up with excuses instead?

Have you ever felt like your friend is drifting away?

Is she (he) the only person to know most of your secrets?

Do you have a big friend group?

When your friend doesn’t answer your messages for a few hours, what do you think?

When you meet, do you feel that you can share any of your news?

Friend quiz
Best friend

your are best friend like it crowed
Ture friend

you are true friends
Normal friend

Fake friend

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