Early signs of failure in marriage

Why do marital relationships sometimes end in failure?

The marital relationship between a man and a woman does not always end with the death of one of them, as we encounter many marital relationships that end after years of marriage or before the completion of the marriage procedures completely, and the period of engagement between a man and a woman reveals the personality of each of them to the other, for example, a woman can His personality realizes her fiancé, his thinking, his impression, and many other things in order to be able to reach a decisive decision, which is either acceptance or rejection of any kind of relationship between them.

The man also tests his partner during the engagement period to reveal whether it is suitable for him or not, and the man or woman may face some signs that may warn that a failed marriage will be the title of their relationship, so both partners should not rush into marriage if they feel the presence of some early signs that It indicates failure of a marriage.

Signs of a failed marriage

How did Kristen Smith express her suffering from her marriage?

The sudden and changing circumstances of life may affect the nature of marital life, but absorbing problems and circumstances may control its stability, and the signs of a failed marriage that indicate that a relationship is impossible can be identified through the following: Lack of attention to the feelings of the other party The man and woman should not complete The wedding and marriage ceremonies if one of them felt the other’s disinterest, for example, Christine Smith from Virginia says that she suffered a lot from her husband’s lack of interest in her, as he was always busy about her and did not care about sharing the work she loved.

She continues, saying that she was crying repeatedly from neglect.

Her husband did not care about her tears or her complaints, which led her to think repeatedly about divorce.

Ceasing to support a partner

One of the husbands says that the point of difference he was exposed to was the moment when his wife stopped providing support to him, and Joseph continues that his wife begins to blame him whenever he tries to talk to her about the matter, which led him to stop communicating with her as before, and from Then they stopped having fun with each other.

Complaining constantly, they say, be sure to advance the beginnings so that the ends do not hurt you, and this is the case before and after marriage, as both partners flirt with the other at the beginning of their marriage, and then things start to change day after day, for example, Tiffany remembers that she is at the beginning of her marriage She wanted to contact her husband 3 times to tell him how much she loved him and thought about him, but after that, she became overwhelmed with matters of the house and home repairs, and then she became a constant complaint to my husband.

Which led to the deterioration of our relationship in the end, as the woman should avoid The constant complaint of her husband, and this does not mean that the wife should not complain to her husband about what is bothering her, but she must pay attention to not go overboard with her complaint.

Low priorities

The relationship between the husband and his wife deteriorates when she feels that she is not among his priorities, as we find many men are interested in achieving his ambitions and goals without putting women among his priorities as well.

An argument over small matters

Each spouse realizes that there is something wrong with their marital relationship when their argument becomes based on the smallest matters, for example, Tiffany says that her young children like to drink water in bottled water, which always leads to their argument because he thinks that this is a waste of money.

Creating excuses to avoid going home early.

Some women complain about her husband’s constant absence from the house, for he is always busy with work and spending time with his friends, which makes women feel that their husband does not love her and cares about her, especially since the woman remains to wait for her husband to return home until she does not feel lonely.

The bad mood is the problem in marital relations according to the difference between the man’s treatment of the woman after marriage, where the man overlooks during the engagement period many things that bother him, if she sees him in love with her and anxious to talk to her at night and day, but as soon as the man marries the woman, his behavior differs.

And his treatment of his wife, so his anger increases at all times and turns from the man of the march to the man of criticism who scrutinizes the trivial and the smallest things, which strains the relationship between them and leads to the failure of their relationship.

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